Price list

Hatred custom 2×2 channel

3000 EUR

Hatred 100

2100 EUR

Hatred 50

1750 EUR


1620 EUR

Sludge 30

1200 EUR

Sludge 15

1000 EUR

Hatred preamp

570 EUR

Hatred custom preamp 2×2 channel

850 EUR


2000 EUR


1600 EUR

Eye of horus

1600 EUR


1100 EUR

Horus 15

1000 EUR

B88 1×12 combo

1600 EUR

B88 13W single ended amp

1300 EUR

B88 30 W amp

1500 EUR

B88 13+13W stereo amp

2000 EUR

Tube DI/Preamp

620 EUR

PornBASS tube preamp pedal

570 EUR

K booster

150 EUR

PornBass 200W all tube 2 channel amp

2500 EUR

PornBass 200W all tube single channel

2000 EUR

PornBass 750W hybrid tube/class D amp

1500 EUR

Avaliable extras:

-Different tolex/faceplate options, some are incuded in the price
-Output power reduction
-Line out
-Built in dummy load
-Footswitch option for the fx loop (default on the HatreD 100 and Custom)
-Second footswitchable master volume

Note:not all extras apply to all models, so please ask about what is available to the specific amp first.