HatreD The Warthog Eye Of Horus

Custom Shop

You can choose from any of our additional options:

  • Power reduction in various ways (triode mode, variable poweramp voltage, switching off powertube pairs).
  • Killswitch for silent mode aka preamp mode for line recording WITHOUT a cabinet attached.
  • Mixed poweramp tubes per pair for the 100 watters : 6L6/5881/EL34/KT66/KT77/KT88.
  • MIDI control option for all footswitchable features of the big heads.
  • Various tolex/faceplate options.

On rack gear:

  • 5 Watt EL84 Singe Ended (real class-A!) practice poweramp can be built into any 2U preamp.
  • MIDI control for all footswitchable features.

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