THUMBhatred100faceHatreD100 is a custom hand built, all tube modern metal amplifier, without any compromises… “Built to Rust and Roll”


  • 100W tube power from 4x6L6 power tetrodes – HatreD100
  • 50W tube power from 2x6L6 power tetrodes – HatreD50
  • 4x12AX7/ECC83 preamp tubes.
  • 1x12AT7/ECC81 preamp tube for the phase splitter (can be changed to ECC82, or ECC83 as well).
  • Two independent channels, with separate EQs (Bass, Middle, Treble).
  • Footswitchable lead boost on the dirty channel, for your solos, to cut through the mix.
  • Series or parallel effects loop, footwitchable true bypass on the HatreD100.
  • Global presence and feedback controls, additional hi-freq shaping on the lead channel as “HICUT”.
  • 4, 8 & 16 Ohm output jacks.


Point to point constructions, NO PC boards, designed for a lifetime. Solid core wires, tag boards are made from 3mm thick G10 garolite epoxy.

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