• Full analog, all tube signal path.
  • 3xECC83/12AX7 + 1xECC82/12AU7 tubes.
  • Gain-Bass-Treble-Volume control.
  • Gain boost.
  • 6,3 jack and tranfsormer coupled symmetric XLR line output.

Revolutinary middle section:

  • Wide band Middle control at 1 kHz.
  • Very narrow band “Box” control centered at 400 Hz, to sort out the annoying frequencies there.
  • Narrow band “Squel” control centered at 2500 Hz, to remove that upper mid region – or add, if your style requires it.

Point to point constructions, NO PC boards, designed for a lifetime. Solid core wires, tag boards are made from 3mm thick G10 garolite epoxy.

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