THUMBhatredcustomfaceHatreD100 is a custom hand built, all tube modern metal amplifier, without any compromises… “Built to Rust and Roll”

Additional features to the HatreD100:

  • 4 independent Gain, and Volume controls.
  • Ch1 has lots of headroom and is able to deliver sparkling clean tones to light chrunch, when pushed with high output humbuckers.
  • Where ch1 ends, there starts ch2, a more compressed classic crunch, think of an overdriven blackface on steroids.
  • Ch3 and 4 deliver a modern tone straight from the 21st century which is tight and aggressive with shaking low end and fast attack, but never loose, just like the original HatreD. The difference is one gain stage, and a bit more midrange on the third channel.


Point to point constructions, NO PC boards, designed for a lifetime. Solid core wires, tag boards are made from 3mm thick G10 garolite epoxy.

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